38 NORTH YANKEE by Ed. Ruggero


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American troops rash to the defense of their South Korean allies when North Korea launches a surprise invasion--in a first military novel by a career infantry officer. Military hotheads have prevailed over more pragmatic politicians in North Korea. Arguing that to wait any longer to ""free"" the southerners will give them time to become invincible, the hawks intend to lead with a campaign of terrorism against the government of the Republic; but their plan is sabotaged, and the Americans are alerted. As hostilities escalate, the American Army has no choice but to send in vulnerable infantry forces to hold off the North Koreans until heavier armored units can be rounded up and transported across the Pacific. Leading one of the first outfits to reinforce the defense is Captain Mark Isen. Isen, a 27-year-old career officer, has just led his men on an exhausting training exercise--and now has only a few days to bring them to readiness for war before flying straight from Hawaii to Korea and heading for the front line. Only his top sergeant has seen combat, but the very capable Isen is a natural leader with a head for combat and the ability to put himself in the enemy's place. When the invasion does come, it is warfare as violent as the worst days of the first Korean war, and Isen's company is at the heart of it. A highly realistic ""what if"" novel that has not been softened for a general readership. The mass of(laudable) military detail may prove impenetrable for some.

Pub Date: June 25th, 1990
Publisher: Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster