AND I SHALL BE HEALED by Edeltraud Fulda


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A modern Bernadette tells her story in diary form- looking back over some 13 years of illness from the ""incurable"" Addison's disease to the ten years of recovery since she went to Lourdes in the hope of the miracle which was substantiated there. Over and above its official recognition by the many doctors who reviewed her case, and finally by the Catholic Church in 1960, it leaves little room for doubt or disbelief or even the suspicions of hysteria so often attached to spontaneous cures. In 1937, Edeltraud, a young dancer, left Prague for Italy with her sister, where, at a hospital in Turin, she was first operated on for a perforated ulcer. Continuing complications, with her kidney, took her back to Vienna and the care of many doctors and hospitals, different drugs, different diets, the removal of a kidney, and finally the diagnosis- Addison's disease. The Hitler regime jeopardized her doctors- and her own life- and to the years of continuing illness were added the difficulties of dislocation. At one point, down to 75 pounds, she was given 3 days to live. Finally achieving a long dream, she went to Lourdes- and there prayer and holy water instantaneously replaced medicines- and diet; she appeared before the board of doctors there at that time- a year later- and is today completely free of the symptoms of this long, hopeless illness.... Personal, expansive, outgoing, her story has a definite human interest as well as inspirational appeal- while the extensive medical history should help to authenticate it.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1960
Publisher: Simon & Schuster