THE WIFE OF ELIAS by Eden Phillpotts


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A story about a murder, but in no sense a mystery story. Can't see even a plus sale for mystery fans, except that peculiar brand of mystery fans who salute Eden Phillpotts as the master of them all. (I don't think they really qualify, in the present day definition of the term, but they do exist, and this book is for them). Once again, the whole stress of the book is the gradual build-up of the village background, truly rural and very folksy. Two plots go step by step, the romance that develops between the errant bachelor whose aunt persuades him to marry to supply an aid for her declining years, and the girl she picks out (and then turns against in jealousy and hatred). And the triangular romance between an old woman, a hen-pecked inn keeper. Ultimately, the murder is committed by the wrong person and the wrong person is convicted, despite confessions ad lib. You know your market.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1937
Publisher: Dutton