TRIUMPH AND TURMOIL by Edgar Ansel Mowrer


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Edgar Ansel Mowrer was born in Bloomington, Indiana in 1892. Since the age of 22 he has been a journalist specializing in foreign affairs. In 1932 he won a Pulitzer Prize for foreign reporting. He calls this huge memoir A Personal History of Our Times and in it he does no less than relate the political events of the modern world, dating from pre-World War I Paris to the present day, from the exceptional vantage point of a man who was eager to go everywhere and to talk with everyone of note. He was in the Italian retreat at Caporetto, in the Berlin of the '20's, in both Barcelona and Moscow in 1936, and he was a refugee from Paris during the phoney war. His service, in and out of government during World War II, took him many times around the globe and also brought him into disagreements with U.S. officials over our policies vis a vis the Communist world. Mowrer was increasingly out of favor for his uncompromisingly hawkish views and the effect on him is exemplified in his remarking that the ""timing"" (of the Hungarian Revolt) ""was against me."" Even though he could entitle one of his several books, A Good Time to be Alive, the evidence from this vast accumulation of details and comments spanning over half a century is that its author has been spiritually divorced from the cultural movements of his time. This may be no great loss in a man who simply reports the news but those few readers who can be expected to match Mowrer's diligence with their own endurance deserve the insight and certainly the perspective which Mowrer aspires to but does not deliver.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1968
Publisher: Weybright & Talley