THE TWELVE: The Story of Christ & Apostles by Edgar Goodspeed
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THE TWELVE: The Story of Christ & Apostles

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Dr. Goodspeed, long and well-known for his scholarly yet popular writing on the New Testament, has put his many readers still further in his debt by his new book about the twelve apostles. Here he brings together all that is known about them, collectively and individually, what New Testament writings are most probably theirs, why other writings are attributed to them, and what they taught, and then he includes a study of such extra-canonical and apocryphal books as were written about them in the early days of the Church, choosing skillfully and imaginatively from this material. The author draws a fascinating picture of the dynamic group of Jesus' followers who so quickly spread the Gospel, though with the help of many now unknown, throughout the civilized world of their day. He concludes by saying that at whatever date any separate clause may have been added to what came to be called the ""Apostles Creed"" what was steadily arrived at was a statement of doctrine that should, for its generation be faithful to and in accord with the Gospel as it was preached by the apostles. And there it still remains. No serious Bible student will wish to miss this book, and no church school library will be complete without it.

Publisher: Winston