AS I REMEMBER by Edgar J. Goodspeed


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These are the very personal reminiscences of the well known New Testament scholar and author. Now eighty-two years of age Dr. Goodspeed culls out of his long and useful life the experiences and impressions which seem most meaningful to him. Much of the book will be of interest solely to those who have known the author and his wife personally and that is a wide circle particularly in Chicago. Of broader interest is his description of how his ""American translation"" of the New Testament came into being, and the furors it caused. This part of the book is of contemporary interest because the problems of translating a new the Scriptures and the misunderstandings and criticism inevitably aroused are fresh in the public mind through the discussion about the Revised Standard Version of the Bible. But most of those who will buy this book will do so out of admiration and affection for its author rather than for its literary excellence or religious significance.

Publisher: Harper