SHADOWS MOVE AMONG THEM by Edgar Mittelholzer


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A novel (A Morning at the Office was published by Doubleday, last year) which slips curiously from satire to symbolism and centerspots a mission at Berkelhoost, in British Guiana, where the Reverend Harmston has created and firmly controls a society of blacks and a few whites. But although the Reverend, an austere figure, permits no transgressions of his code, the faith he practices is one where dreams and actuality are often one, where superstition and the supernatural receive wide latitude. And to this phantom world (""shadows move among them"") comes Gregory, a young cousin, neurotically self-bound and self-pitying after the death of his wife. First retreating from the strange life at Berkelhoost, then submitting to it- and to Mabel, Harmston's older daughter, Gregory finds a release from himself and his past... A strange study, which projects the perverse, psychotic caste of the civilized world (although the Harmstons, too, are an eccentric lot) against the simplicity of a primitive society, this is interesting if indirect in its intentions.

ISBN: 1845230914
Publisher: Lippincott