HOW TO LAY A NEST EGG by Edgar Scott


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There's plenty of sound ABC information on investments in this amusingly and seemingly lightweight presentation. The key is set by a typical Emily Kimbrough introduction in which she recounts in her inimitable way her own initiation into the matter of banks and banking. And she winds up in tribute to the book by saying that if she can understand it anybody can. So, dear ladies who like to boast your innocence of matters financial, have a look at the sources of distaff income in this country, and the steps by which you can handle your own nest egg intelligently. Basic data here on stocks, common and preferred, on bonds, on how to assess the business outlook, how to study industrial trends, how to plan a sound investment program. The security exchange and the safeguards for the public good; the issuing of new stocks; matters of collateral and margin; costs of stock commissions and taxes. The value of investment trusts. The functions of your bank. The importance of making a will. The choice of a broker. Now and then the style is too flippant for the tastes of some, but in the main the light touch will provide the key to the allergic female.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1950
Publisher: Winston