WEST WITH THE VIKINGS by Edison Marshall


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Another of this author's ""hero"" novels centers on the situations that sent Eric the Red from Norway to Iceland and then to the founding of Greenland, and has its central focus on Eric's son, Leif (the Lucky) who headed further west to discover the American continent and even end his days in Mexico. Torn between his mother's belief in Kris and the legends and myths Norae, Leif battles for his father's favors, snatches the chance to join the expedition to unknown lands, stays with a small group to endure a Greenland winter and to achieve kinship with a swan maiden. In spite of troubles with his older brother, with the thrall Ellen and her daughter, and through the absolute know-how of the Innuit Ugruk, Leif finds his own place when the bride he is bringing for his father's second marriage weds him and they, in turn, set out to find a more western land. Marshalling facts as well as fantasy this spins its yarning with able control, sets it scenes vividly and argues a plausible, historically controversial conclusion.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday