GYPSY SIXPENCE by Edison Marshall


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The expected all out for adventure- and love- and this time it's mid-19th century India, and Romulus Brook of the Tatta Lancers, illegitimate son of an English gentleman and a gypsy, accepted by the Lancers only because of his brother. He falls in love with Sukey Webb, daughter of the colonel, and they are to marry when Rom is betrayed into the hands of the Indian tribes who call him the Fox and have a price on his head. By his cunning, Rom talks himself out of a death sentence and into slavery and with his servant Hamyd, establishes evidence of his death for the benefit of Sukey and the betrayer, becomes a high power among the Moslems of India and Africa, and learns that his brother, Gerald, had been the informer and had married Sukey. Rom and Hamyd have their opportunity for revenge many years later when they take Gerald and Sukey on a game hunt in Africa, put Gerald through strenuous mental torture, secure his confession- and Sukey. A multi-patterned story, sufficiently strenuous to satisfy his audience.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1949
Publisher: Farrar, Straus