AMERICAN CAPTAIN by Edison Marshall


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A capacious chronicle, this story of Homer Whitman, of Maine, is filled with adventure, romance and revenge for Homer waits years and covers miles to keep his pledge to dead Captain Phillips. In Malta, Homer is jilted by Sophia whose father, Sir Godwine Tarlton, is suspect of treachery when the Vindictive is attacked by Barbary pirates and most of her friendship crew and her captain are drowned. Homer, the Negro Jim and little Sparrow are taken as slave workers to the marble quarry; Homer is paroled to Sheik el Beni Kabir and lives with the nomad tribe until the Sheik's death when he is returned to the quarry. The Tuar Princess Isabel rescues him; an elephant hunt leads to the treasure of pharaoh's tomb and Homer starts his vengeance trail with his ""sword of gold"". And in a England his pursuit of Tarlton is spurred by his opponent's evil retaliations until a horse race, the death of Tarlton's bastard son and the hand of his younger daughter end Homer's hazardous course. A lot of story and purposeful in its theme of the brotherhood of man, this is robust tale-telling for those who like their fiction straight.

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1954
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Young