THREE WHO LOVED by Edita Morris


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These three stories have the same unworldly quality as her novel, My Darling To The Lions, but, in their shortness , have a more integrated feel. Here are three characters destined to affect those who know them, fated to use their power of love for all its good; Kullan, from northern Sweden, sent by an agency to be the servant for Nanz and Aina, and through her vitality, reanimating their arid artificial life; there is the flowerhaired boy, born in , dirt and poverty -- who fused the drab bitter, town of Lyeka, into a friendly, helpful, kindly community; and there is the island girl who became a sister, caring for children in a creche of a city's slums, who brought them security, beauty, kindness, and who learned that here was a love for all children rather than one. The conquest of human evils, human failings, by unselfish, selfless love, in gentle, touching tales.

Publisher: Viking