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WE KNEW THESE MEN by Edith Ellis



Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 1941
Publisher: Knopf

Wilfred Brandon is recognized by the cult as one of the Master Spirits (he died in 1781). This is the third book transcribed by Edith Ellis, purporting to be a communication from the astral plane. This one deals with other world experiences in meeting the boys who died in the last World War, guiding them into their new life. An intimate and all too human picture of the Other World, with many of the human frailties persisting in the particular unit of American soldiers he has chosen to depict. An incredible book, from the angle of this reader. It may be that there are enough people groping for some sense of contact with the spirit world to provide a market. But compared with the dignified and philosophical content of White's The Unobstructed Universe, this seems twaddle.