THIS VERY SUN by Edith Heal


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A queer, morbid and rather unpleasant book, this tale of Burd, an arthritic, dying slowly in the Arizona which should have saved his life, and of his final clutch at a chance to make a dream reality. An eccentric photographer, Perry K., thrown off emotional balance by war experiences, is sent out to the resort town to get some photographs of ""cool flesh against the sun"" -- and enlists the aid of the arthritic cripple. Despairing of securing models from proper walks of life, Burd makes a deal with a madame for three of her girls; he loses Perry K. temporarily to the erotic, lost Flick; he is himself rescued by Justine, who has shielded him in his illness. The photographing stunt comes off as planned, but ends with madness as Perry K.'s nerves crack. Burd rescues the camaera -- and finds, too late, that it contained no film. The story is shot through with a brittle sort of vividness, but it makes strange reading.

Pub Date: Nov. 13th, 1944
Publisher: Crown