SANDY AND MR. JALOPY by Edith J. Agnew


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This is written with a purpose, and unfortunately the purpose sticks out all over, thus limiting its chances for the general trade or even the library market. A special plan and procedures for using the book is included in A Primary Teacher's Guide on Migrants... Sandy is 7 and his parents follow the bean crops in New York, New Jersey, and south to Florida in the winter. He and his older sister work in the fields, alternating as one stays home to care for the baby brother. Father moans about his bad luck, and Mother is cranky and tries to save money from the wages. Then come the good fairies, a couple from the Home Missions Council (the author is with the Presbyterian Board) who help the family on the road to self respect and better times. The children go to Sunday School and the family as a whole learns more about God and the comfort of His presence. It is an interesting enough picture of how some American children live, but there's not a lively enough story to carry to the average child looking for his own book.

Publisher: Friendship Press