GAME OF TRUTH by Edith Maxwell


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Three friends and two strangers, snowbound in an empty summer resort when a blizzard forces them to abandon their cars, have lots of time to play the ruthless Game of Truth one of them introduces--and little chance to avoid it. In addition to an ailing old man and his creepy, explosive young driver (both of whom take their turn on the hot seat), participants are, as follows: protagonist Marnie, who outgrows her longtime crush on nextdoor neighbor Chris only to fall truly in love with him straight off; Chris himself, who's been driving the girls home from the ski slopes and who suddenly, inexplicably returns Marnie's affection; and Jennifer, who insists on playing the game that eventually exposes her as a former acid head, tormented by guilt over another girl who had killed herself during an LSD flashback. It's been clear from the start that no good will come of Jennifer, with all her prattling about women's lib, health food and encounter groups, and sure enough in the end she wanders off miffed to be buried forever under an avalanche of snow. The ludicrous sensationalism of her story makes this a bummer even if you can overlook the pointless plot and the characterization which manages to be simplistic and muddled at once.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Dodd, Mead