THE STORY WRITER by Edith Mirrielus
Kirkus Star


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The best book of its kind that has come our way. A practical book for the aspiring short story writer and a book that experienced writers will find helpful as well. There are specific works to consult and analyze suggested in each chapter, and the development of the thesis is applicable to any fiction form. First -- substance; then -- time, a device and how it can be used with varying effect; then point of observation, whether subjective or objective, first person, stream of consciousness, etc. etc. Limitations and values of each type, according to the purpose. Repetition as a tool. Implication, whether in action or characterization. Manipulation of change, dialogue, choice of words from artistic angle. Each point is amply illustrated from well-known short stories. A constructive piece of work, which should prove invaluable for writing courses, fiction study groups, etc. Call to attention of local clubs.

Publisher: Little, Brown