THE HEAVEN TREE by Edith Pargeter


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A substantial rather than superior- but evenly interesting story of 13th century Plantagenet England, and of well born Harry Talvace, his affection for his foster brother- a mason's son, his dedication to the cause of freedom for all at the time of feudal villeinage, and his dream of building a church. Outraged and defiant at the penalty to be inflicted on Adam, with whom he shared his childhood and learned stone masonry, Harry helps Adam to escape and together they reach France where they study church building. There too they meet Lord Isambard, a Welshman who becomes their patron and offers Harry a virgin site- money and a free hand. There too he rejects the love of Benedetta who ultimately accompanies Isambard and becomes his mistress. Harry raises his church, marries the girl he remembered from his youth, but incurs Isambard's unforgiving anger when he helps to free the son of a Welsh chieftain. Declared a traitor and sentenced to death, Harry completes his church in chains while Benedetta, always a loyal friend, helps to ease his dying..... A brocade, and along with the ornamentation- there is a certain stiffness-certainly in the characterization which contributes to its design. But the workmanship is serious and solid.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1960
Publisher: Doubleday