MEET THE FUTURE by Edith Patterson; Illus. Anton Schedl Meyer


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...In library service. The outstanding feature of this book is its break-down of the specialties within specialties. For instance, under public libraries there are short sections dealing with childrens, YA, and adult services as well as administration. In introducing the library's role in education, elementary, secondary, college and university libraries are sectioned off. The same treatment is afforded to special libraries. The introduction presents an alluring picture of the libraries to come -- automated to a fare-thee-well with the emphasis on speedy service, particularly for reference. The concluding chapters outline the long history of libraries and there are thumbnail biographies of famous librarians. An appendix lists accredited graduate schools, national library associations, periodicals and where to find information on scholarships. The bibliography is of a staggering length and represents the materials the author worked from. On the whole, an excellent overview with sound information on the educational preparation that provides a good background for a library career.

Publisher: Little, Brown