COLCORTON by Edith Pope
Kirkus Star


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A skillful and absorbing handling of a ticklish subject in a story of the Florida coast, of the tragedy which haunts the noe lovely home of Abby and Jared-Abby, who had sacrificed her youth and love to give Jared chance for success. Then, on the verge of a promising career, he brings home a snippet of a bride, unprepared to face deprivation; he quarrels with Abby over the question of a family -- and then he finds by accident -- the truth, -- their grandmother was a Negress. Jared goes to pieces -- and is killed by a vicious neighbor. Beth bears her child. And Abby's life centers around them, while she guards the secret. Ultimately, exposure threatened, she finds a solution.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1944
Publisher: Scribner