THE FANTASTIC CACTUS: Indoors and In Nature by Edith Raskin

THE FANTASTIC CACTUS: Indoors and In Nature

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A handy guide to cactus culture that misses being an all-purpose introduction to cacti and other succulents because of poor implementation--there are no botanical drawings accompanying the explanation of their distinctive anatomy, few photographs of the types mentioned in the early chapters as native to various parts of the world. (In one case a photo is found later--but in the absence of a page reference no one will find it when he's reading the relevant text.) However, on aspects of home growing the book is much more satisfactory: a chapter of general advice (on soil, pots, watering, identifying and destroying pests) is followed by presentation of thirty varieties available in 5 & 10's or from the sources listed at the close. Each entry consists of a photo and a page of information featuring the idiosyncrasies of the plant and what it requires. A final chapter offers tips on growing from seeds or from cuttings; on grafting (with illustrations); on choosing a cactus gift for each occasion. One tip for librarians: classify as 635.9 for optimum use.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1968
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard