JOHNNY LITTLEJOHN by Edith Thacher and Clement Hurd
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Grafted directly from Little Black Sambo, Johnny Littlejohn is a little boy who wants a cowboy outfit. His mother provided him with shirt, chaps and sombrero, but couldn't buy him boots right away. Much as he wanted boots, he nevertheless saddled his horse and rode the range. In turn, three Bad Guys, just like the tigers in the wonderful old classic, confront him, demand first his shirt, then his chaps, and at last his sombrero. Bereft, Johnny Littlejohn rode off on his pony, then later finds the three Bad Guys quarreling over who is the most handsome. Johnny takes over at this point, rounds up the villains, reclaims his cowboy outfit, collects a reward for turning the Bad Guys over to the sheriff and uses the money to buy boots. And when his parents want to know where he got the boots, Johnny is the strong silent type and won't tell! Kindergarten cowboys will see things Johnny's way.

Pub Date: July 15th, 1957
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard