THE WRECK OF THE WILD WAVE by Edith Thacher Hurd
Kirkus Star


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A fine looking book illustrated by Frederick T. Chapman, and a thrilling one based on the daily log kept by Captain Josiah N. Knowles of Brewster, Cape Cod, kept throughout his shipwreck and rescue when his clipper the Wild Wave foundered on Oeno. On February 9th, 1858, they called out of San Francisco bound around the Horn for New York, but ran on uncharted reefs off the little island. The young Captain and a few of his crew decided to set off in one of the sailing life-boats for Pitcairn, but what was their horror to find that the historic island had been deserted two years previously. At least they found food and water aplenty, but Knowles wished to be off again so built a small boat , the John Adams, and set off for the Marquesas. Imagine their joy when they discovered an American man-of-war in harbor there. So ended a hair-raising report, which Mrs. Hurd has retold so exceedingly well. Many of those who enjoyed the Bounty books will relish this as well.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1942
Publisher: Oxford