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MICKIE by Edith Unnerstad



Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1971
Publisher: Four Winds Press

A Swedish enfant terrible is busily engaged in lining up possible beneficiaries of her newly rich uncle George before he has arrived from Rhodesia. Even the least perceptive will guess that the mysterious houseguest, Eskil Lundetorn, who watches Mickie's machinations with thinly disguised amusement, is actually Uncle George himself. But the ruse serves well enough -- to submerge Mickie up to her ears in hot water, provide a happily-ever-after conclusion for poor, unmarried Cousin Mona and the five newly orphaned Svensson children, and teach the rather shopworn lesson that charity begins at home. Originally written in 1939, the story follows a pattern which is, by now, a well established cliche, and a few characters (like the treasure of a maid which the family has ""had"" for years) are definitely no longer au courant. Mickie's level of social consciousness is disconcertingly Victorian, but her escapades as ""Madame Charite"" are sufficiently diverting slapstick.