THE STORY OF THE F B I: The Official Picture History by Editors of LOOK
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THE STORY OF THE F B I: The Official Picture History

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A biography in prose and picture (there will be 170 photographs corresponding to the text) of the FBI, introduced by J. Edgar Hoover who outlines its formation and organization. This also tolls how a special agent is trained; how a crime is solved with the many laboratory techniques involved; a few famous cases, the Barker-Karpis outfit who violated the law from laroony to murder; Velvalee Dickinson, who sold out to the Japanese; the Indian Reservation murder series; Dillinger, and so on. The work during the war against spies and saboteurs, from the Duquesne ring (remember The House on Street?) to the Long Island and Florida landings. The role of the FBI in the future, and its importance today. Popular technique of presentation of popular profession, this should have double sale for young people as well as older men.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1947
Publisher: Dutton