THE BEST FROM YANK by Editors of Yank


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Relatedly we want to add our commendation to those of published reviews for the excellent quality of reportage in Yank, the one place where the GI's themselves write for the GI public. Concentration is on personality bits, conditions of warfare, realistic and tough points of view rather than on stories of individual exploits. The literary quality is uneven; there are examples of professional writing -- and one or two ""discoveries"" of unknowns. There is less humor than might be expected -- and The Sad Sack alone emerges from the cartoons as distinctive...All of which adds up to the fact that perhaps it needs a GI to appreciate GI humor and GI cartoons, so I retire...But I can acknowledge disappointment in the omission of the very fine photographs; the double column text page. Yank itself is a better job.

Publisher: Dutton