WEST POINT by E.D.J. Waugh


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I don't think I realized how little I knew about West Point (in comparison to what I know about Annapolis, for instance) until I read this history of our justly famous Military Academy. It was a dream in Washington's time, sponsored by Knox and Washington, but coming into existence only in 1608 -- and then limpingly, for some years. The regime of the famous -- or unfamous -- Partridge; the resurrection under Thayer; the subsequent ups and downs and its present enviable high standing, evidenced by the great military figures who were graduated from West Point. The Civil War; the Spanish-Americans War; the Mexican Wars; the conquest and government of the Philippines; the first World War -- and today, all in terms of these West Pointers. The chapters on the engineering feats of Army engineers was particularly interesting reading. The last section of the book deals with the routine of life, the physical aspects of the Point, how to go about the process of securing admittance. A timely book, competently done.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1944
ISBN: 1163191701
Publisher: Macmillan