TOTAL POWER by Edmund A. SJ Walsh


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This is merely a part, chronologically the last of a projected three-part study, based on a diary of the Nuremburg trials, and relating specifically to the activities of Prof. General Karl Haushofer, his son Albrecht, and the concepts of power- Nazi, Russian, Democratic. It footnotes the author's book on The Fall of the Russian Empire (1927) in expanding the idea of revolution, in its importance in history, in its civilized consequences. As Vice President of Georgetown University, and Regent of the School of Foreign Service, his report has much that is first hand, personally interpretative, on the uses and abuses of power, the part that Haushofer contributed politically and academically to the rise of the Nazi machine and his son's denial of his father's beliefs; what the revelations of the trials demonstrated in the logical inhumanity such thinking brought about; what is the Soviet challenge for world power today, and what the U.S. answer to it. An exhaustive, academic report that is of importance to studious readers of current events.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1948
Publisher: Doubleday