THE GOLDEN LURE: Stories of Famous Lost Treasures by Edmund Burke
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THE GOLDEN LURE: Stories of Famous Lost Treasures

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This collection of stories about ten of the most famous treasures which have ever been sought should spur the interest of anyone who has ever been tantalized by the thought of discovering hidden gold. There is the Lost Dutchman, a gold mine found and lost somewhere in Arizona in the 1860's; and Cocos Island in the Pacific, said to hold a vast cache of pirate treasure. There is the sunken treasure of a fleet of Spanish galloons lost in Vigo Bay during the war of Spanish Succession, and the famed El Dorado searched for in so many places. As exciting as the descriptions of the lost bounties are the stories of the expeditions and men who tried to retrieve them, generally with tragic results. The golden lure of these treasures is great, particularly since they may all be presumed to be real. The descriptions are vivid, the stories exciting.

Publisher: Hill & Wang