MUTINY! by Edmund- Ed. Fuller


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A full coverage of insurrections of all types, from all times, collects its material from contemporary accounts, trial records, ships' logs and writings on the events. Magellan, Drake, Hudson suffer at the hands of insurgents; Bligh is again indicted; the British Navy state their case in a large scale revolt against recruitment, pay, food and punishments at Spithead; the cruise of the Somers provides evidence against its commander; the Potemkin presages the Russian revolution; mutiny at Wilhelm-shaven reveals the seeds of German dissolution:- these are in chronological order from 1520 to 1917. Then come assorted insubordinations -- among pirates, Africans, slaves, the Pennsylvania Army,- in India, in China and in the Roman aray. A well rounded picture of the causes -- discontent, enmity, treachery, conditions, protest against bullies and martinets -- and sometimes of the results. This numbers among its authors E. F. Benson, Sir John Barrow, George Woodbury, James Fenimore Cooper, the Editor, George Dangerfield, Chiang Kai Shek, Muriel Rukeyser and others and presents a wide selection of maritime and world history.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1953
Publisher: Crown