NEND TO BUGLING by Edmund G. Love


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Here is a short but sharp -- and sometimes hilarious -- undignified corrective to concurrent Civil War-itis, highly endemic in this country. Love, who researched Subways, and the fact that War Is a Private Affair, now applies a Wibberley yardstick and an added touch of logical buffoonery to the proposition that, to celebrate the centennial, the Cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia, Confederate States of America, will return in June, 1963, and re-enact the march from Rowser's Ford to the environs of Gettysburg (an exercise to get people back ""to work on more important things""). General Stuart, his weary horsemen, his loyal aides, confront an amazed citizenry, confound a dumbfounded modern world, confuse today's traffic -- and collect every type of law enforcement officer in repeating their earlier progress. What happens to Daughters of the Confederacy, to men in uniform, to trucks (with union drivers) and tanks, to Washington, the highways and the housewives, the military, and the history that has already been written, will arouse and regale devout students as well as those who have had more than enough. Cheers for a very rebel cause.

Publisher: Harper & Row