STORM AT SABLE ISLAND by Edmund Gilligan


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Gilligan steeps himself so completely in the mood and substance of his sea yarns that he is inclined- in this as in other of his books- to become almost mystical in the symbolic implications, to lose his story in an excess of prose. Out of Folly Cove, Yankee fishermen had gone for generations to the Banks- brought back their catch of cod and halibut. Now into the pattern of their established ways comes a ""foreign"" influence, Luke Riley, with a baby daughter, and the mystery of the death of the woman who had given birth to her on Sable Island. Luke, given another chance to prove his honesty, is innately dishonest, betrays his benefactor and disappears with the child, Diana. Years later they return, Diana to be loved by two childhood friends, to come between them. There's adventure- and romance- but the style is involved, although the mood of the sea will capture again the Gilligan audience.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1948
Publisher: Little, Brown