THE SWING by Edmund Schiddel


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A long, intricate story about three glittery people in the world of swinging, where part of the thrill -- as every kid knows -- is the fear of falling. And fall they do, in bed, in love -- at exclusive parties where only first names are used -- and suck-cess is measured in the most obvious fashion. Barbara is a beautiful twenty-six-year-old dazzling model who knows enough to quit her career at its peak; her husband Jack is a Wall Street ""asset Stripper"" willing to go to any length (and he has much) for power, money and sex; and then there's Gareth -- Jack's ""left hand"" both in business and bed, for Gareth has a peculiar problem in not being able to make it with a lady except in a threesome. Jack gradually introduces Barbara to the world of swing, starting, of course with Gareth -- who reminds Barbara Somewhat too much of her first (and unhappy) love, a gay photographer. Jack is overpowering and inscrutable, a fanatic about everything from his thirteen Rolls Royces to Barbara, and his world, of course, must collapse about him as it does. . . . Another Good Time Coming (1969) and sellable on just those terms.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Simon & Schuster