TWO ROADS TO TRUTH by Edmund W. Sinnott


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The author subtitles his book ""A Basis for Unity Under the Great Tradition"", and the burden of his thinking in that Communism and the democracies can and must get along. According to him, Communism is but the end result of dialectical materialism and not as allen to our outlook in this country as our actions imply. The basis for cleavage lies between those among us who follow in the great tradition of Christian thought and those of us who pursue the Darwinian theory of evolution, rather than between Communism and democracy. His advice, and advice it is regardless of how mild his prose may be, is that we need to think through our values and take a little from each side. He suggests that we need to accept in our thinking the best of science along with the best of Christian morality. In this way we will be better able to accept the existence of Communism which right or wrong is here to stay. A happy thought that might limber up the thinking of the most conservative, but will seem lukewarm to the more liberal among the serious readers who will provide the audience for a book such as this.

Publisher: Viking