VICTORY MARCH: The Mystery of the Treasure Chest by
Kirkus Star

VICTORY MARCH: The Mystery of the Treasure Chest

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A sure fire seller in all types of stores with the power of the Treasury Department and the miraculous name of Disney to put it over. Though listed in this it will naturally appeal to much older children for here they will find all their favorites Mickey, Donald, Jiminy Cricket, Pluto, the Three Pigs, Snow White, Casey Jr. and the diabolical Wolves. Mickey starts a victory march but the treasure chest is stolen which leads to a thrilling chase all over Washington. As each page has a pull-out or a turn-around there is also play value. The end page shows Donald and his chest in which is stuck a real ten-cent defense stamp album containing one stamp as a present. Put it in all parts of your store; this is one way in which we can help the drive.

Publisher: Random House