RED ROOSTER by Edna Boutwell
Kirkus Star


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A simple, appealing formula, a cheery solution to a sad problem and stunning animal pictures by Bernard Garbutt make this reliable and appealing fare. Red Rooster, who woke Farmer Greene with his morning salute, found he was no longer needed when the farmer bought his alarm clock, and went sadly away to look for someone who needed him. On his travels he met other animals who were replaced by modern machinery -- hens, a cat, a dog, a horse, a goat, a cow and then an old woman whose stories to the children were replaced by television(;). But a solution soon presents itself in the form of a motherless household with four children and a harried father. The animals and the old woman move in, and become part of a happy, useful family. A warm-hearted earthiness and sympathy, with a wise comment on modern times. Impossible to resist the red rooster on the cover and title page!

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1950
Publisher: Aladdin