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LOVE KILLS by Edna Buchanan


by Edna Buchanan

Pub Date: June 12th, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7432-9476-8
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Crime reporter Britt Montero is back on the beat, this time along with the Cold Case Squad (Shadows, 2005, etc.), in an adventure that will carry her further from the Miami sunshine than she can imagine.

Nine years after he jumped bail and disappeared, Spencer York is back in the news. The Custody Crusader—who specialized in kidnapping the children of divorce from their mothers and turning them over to their fathers—has been dead and buried all this time, just waiting for another South Florida developer to excavate his remains. While Sgt. Craig Burch and his squad sift through the dozens of divorcees who wanted York dead, Britt’s time away from the Miami News to mourn her fiancé, Maj. Kendall McDonald, has turned into a case of its own. At first the disposable camera she finds on the beach seems to contain nothing more sinister than photos of a honeymoon couple tragically lost at sea. But Britt soon realizes that only the bride was a fatality, and that the ruggedly handsome bridegroom who seemed so shattered by her loss has a history of capping his honeymoons with funerals. The quest first to gather evidence against him and then to warn his latest wife will take Britt to Alaska for a finale that’s a lot more twisty and suspenseful than anything in the Custody Crusader’s dossier.

Final score: Britt 1, Cold Case Squad 0.