BOB VINCENT: Veterinarian by Edna Hoffman Evans

BOB VINCENT: Veterinarian

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About as ineffectual a vocational or career story as one could imagine, in a field which should provide new and challenging material for boys interested in animals and the possibilities of a career as a veterinarian. There are good hints as to necessary character traits, duties, etc., but as a story it is dull reading. Bob is pretty uninteresting as a person, but is crazy about animals and gets a summer job with a veterinarian. Much of his energy goes to combatting the town bullies, who are set on taking out their meanness on animals. And all ends happily when a rich and eccentric old lady, grateful to Bob for his care of her pets, gives him the money to go on to veterinarian school. The characters throughout are lay figures. Why can't we give boys interested in planning careers books that act their age?

Publisher: Dutton