FELIPE'S LONG JOURNEY by Edna Jennings Sorenson


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Laden down with grandmother's copper ware, Felipe and his father Tomaso leave their Indian village in search of work in distant places. As they travel the Andean trail with their beloved llamas they encounter both adventure and new friends, but never work. However, as long as they can scrounge together their chupe meals, they do not give up. They travel from Juliaca to Copacabana, from Guaqui to La Paz until finally an American tourist recognizes the value of Felipe's products and contracts to buy as many as he can produce. Tomaso and his llama also strike luck when they are hired to transport supplies to and from the neighboring silver mines. Paralleling Felipe's Long Journey is the one made by the American reader who absorbs the rich folk lore indigenous to South America. A pleasant if not dynamic excursion.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1961
Publisher: Watts