FLIGHT FROM CHINA by Edna Lee Booker


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Successor to News Is My Job and conclusion of twenty odd years in China, as Edna Lee Booker and her husband combine their narratives of escape. The summer of 1940 as Japanese wheels ground down, incidents of insolence led to acts of atrocity, and finally, John booked passage for Edna and their child as the last foreign exodus took place. He stayed on through Pearl Harbor, saw inflation Japanese controlled, torture, brutalization of the population, internment of foreigners. Here is his record of seven months in a camp, of privations partly counterbalanced by activities organized by internees and finally repatriation. In personal, affectionate terms, there is a good deal about China, by people who understand it -- human drama in small detail and large.

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1945
ISBN: 1406705780
Publisher: Macmillan