NEWS IS MY JOB by Edna Lee Booker
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The International News Service sent her to China in 1922, and -- with intervals she has been there ever since, so this record covers seventeen years, for she was homeward bound when war was declared in September. From Shanghai she went into the interior, she interviewed the war lords, she was in on a notorious bandit kidnapping case, she was there for the Japanese earthquake, she was in the psychological place at the psychological moment, whether that seemed to be a place for a woman or not. There is good descriptive material, good biographical material, and she has a facile pen. She knew Snow and the other topnotchers, and they respected her abilities and gave her equal breaks. The book is good reading and she's done a first rate job, without quite the decisive note that some of the men's journalistic records have, but with a quality all her own.

Pub Date: Feb. 13th, 1940
Publisher: Macmillan