THE PEACE CORPS: Kindlers of the Spark by Edna McGuire

THE PEACE CORPS: Kindlers of the Spark

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The Peace Corps is brought to life here with short illustrations of the way the workers function as the author saw them during a trip to five nations receiving Corps assistance. Those five representative underdeveloped countries are Ecuador, Sierra Loone, Tunisia, India, and Malaysia. Each is introduced with a brief survey of its characteristics and a quick tour of the many specialized projects that Corpsmen have devised and directed to help alleviate the country's ills. Many of the workers are mentioned by name along with their off the cuff comments about their accomplishments. This book does not help to bridge the gap for an evaluation of the Corps and its effects. It reads like an expansion of the Peace Corps' own recruitment bulletins, always enthusiastic and unskeptical. The personalization of the Corps may, however, kindle interest in prospective applicants, although George Sullivan's The Story of the Peace Corps and Roy Hoopes' The Complete Peace Corps Guide offer more specific information.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1966
Publisher: Macmillan