THE MURDER OF LIDICE by Edna St. Vincent Millay


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In all frankness, one must acknowledge that -- were this not by a post whose name means fame sales, the poetic drama written as straight good propaganda would hardly merit a piece on the shelves with her creative work. A modern ballad, written in white heat of indignation over the most brutally dramatic instance of German savagery on a large scale, the murder of the men, the enslavement of the women and children, and the destruction of the town of Lidice, in Czechoslovakia, because of suspicion that the people of Lidice had secretly harbored the clayers of the Nazi butcher. Miss Millay, absorbed in work on the projected collection of her lyrics, scheduled for November publication, paused to make her contribution to the project of the Writer's War Board to immortalise the name of Lidice. The radio version was given over the air on October 19th. Here, in paper bound format, is the printed text. It has the power of its subject, of its sincerity; as poetry, it is not exceptional.

Publisher: Harper