BRIDE'S MAGAZINE COOKBOOK by Eds. of Bride's Magazine


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The editors of Bride's Magazine should know what their audience wants and needs, but many of the brides this reader has known would panic when confronted with some of the instructions in this text. How to separate eggs? How to carve? Well, even an experienced carver might be baffled. As for the instructions on selection and purchasing--most neophytes need more specific instructions on cuts and quantities, on the feasibility of roasts, and on kinds of steaks and chops and so on. Taken as a cookbook for the young woman who has been brought up to understand terms, methods, and basic facts about cooking, this should be a good going-on-from-there cookbook, a fairly easy step to being a good cook. However for the young woman with no experience, Betty Crocker might be a better primer. The recipes themselves are pleasantly varied.... Take this as a side dish.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1966
Publisher: Harper & Row