GREAT AMERICAN SCIENTISTS by Eds. of Fortune Magazine


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Here outlined in language the layman can understand are the major concerns of scientists today in the fields of physics, chemistry, astronomy and biology with brief portraits of the most eminent contributors in those sciences as defined by their colleagues. The profusion of young talent and brainpower is concentrated in the field of physics where the baffling problem of deciphering the new variety of subnuclear particles occupies much attention. Chemistry, the ""middleman"" science, imparts materials and concepts in many directions and merges often with biology and physics. The prime preoccupation of astronomers is with the evolution of stars and planets, a new concentration on the whole universe rather than with details. Biologists are excitingly probing the DNA code which when fully researched will reveal how cells perform and react chemically. Short biographical sketches of the scientists mentioned in each area concludes this worthwhile and timely synopsis.

Pub Date: Jan. 30th, 1961
Publisher: Prentice Hall