POETRY FOR PLEASURE: The Hallmark Book of Poetry by Eds. of Hallmark Cards

POETRY FOR PLEASURE: The Hallmark Book of Poetry

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Hallmark Cards, having well established a standard of ""good taste and clear communication"" in another medium, has now edited a catholic but by no means common-place collection of poetry. And the introduction, by an editor, emphasizes the personal, pleasurable rewards of this form (""not an intellectual obligation""). From the Bible, Homer and Virgil, to the accepted greats, poems from all over the world have been chosen and there is a strong modern section, Rodman and Ruckeyser, Ciardi and Roethke, Pound and Pasternak, to mention only a few. While for the most part the poems- and poets- are more known than unknown, there is great variety and representation, a presumable order of appearance and arrangement (hot immediately discernible from the galleys), and a closing section of lighter verse from Lear to Nash and Parker, etc. A book which should help to counteract- as the editor remarks and regrets- the public's general ""estrangement"" from poetry.

Publisher: Doubleday