IN MY OPINION: The Book of Very Important Persons by Eds. Seventeen

IN MY OPINION: The Book of Very Important Persons

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The imposing subtitle to the contrary, this is a collection of some forty odd pieces, about 80% of which come from people in one or another of the lively arts, and most of them are unassuming. They were written expressly for this magazine, run from four to six pages, and deal with anything from the individual to the intangible: Vance Packard on his wife; Kenneth Tynan on his Oxford experience when he was ""free to be unbearable""; Perelman on the ""rigors and uncertainty"" of a writer's existence; Shelley Winters on the loneliest (16 to 20) years of her life; John Knowles protesting against the isolation/demarcation between generations; Philip Roth on reading novels and their values; etc. etc. etc. Personal experiences alternate with credos (find a goal--change it if necessary; discretion; manners; et al) and all of this indirect guidance should be easily accepted by the pizza and Pepsi generation.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1966
Publisher: Macmillan