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STRESS MANAGEMENT by Edward A. & Ronald G. Nathan Charlesworth



Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1984
Publisher: Atheneum

State of the art in self-help management of stress. Yes, this has all appeared in numerous other guides, but Charlesworth (Baylor College of Medicine) and Nathan (Louisiana State U.) do it as well as anybody. There is a clear, well-organized balance between background information and practical measures. The authors start by describing psychological and physical reactions to stress; they identify a number of possible stressors (emotional, family, social, change, chemical, work, decision, phobic), and instruct readers in defining individual responses. They then move on to physical and psychological relaxation exercises, ""Overcoming Your Special Stressors,"" and extensive discussion of lifestyle and health-practice changes to support these revised responses to stress. (Included is advice on time management, exercise, and diet.) Of special note is detailed attention to assertiveness--differentiated from both aggressive and passive behavior. The overall aim: ""That you will use this book to feel new emotions, think new thoughts, and undertake new activities that will not only alleviate distress and disease but also bring you pleasure and wellness."" As good as any guide around in that connection.