TIM TO THE RESCUE by Edward Ardizzone


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Another Little Tim book, in which the sea-faring English lad (familiar to those who know Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain and Tim and Lucy Go to Sea) has more adventures. The pictures are wonderful, full of humor and action, and comic book fans among the young readers will be enchanted with the running strips of pictures showing words coming out of the characters' mouths. Tim has taken time out from school to go to sea with his friend the captain, and becomes involved in an absurd adventure in which the third mate's hair restorer, a fresh ship's boy and a cat figure largely. The whole concept of Tim's independence of parental discipline is appealing to small readers. The terse British humor has a tang that all children will appreciate. The text- in manuscript type- is easy to read and runs in and out of the pictures in engaging manner. This is smaller in over-all wise size than the pre-war books, so its not-too-sturdy board binding presents less of a rebind problem than formerly.

Publisher: Oxford