FORBIDDEN ISLAND by Edward Buell Hungerford


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An improbable though absorbing yarn of a search by a young seaman in the United States Navy for his twin brother whose ship was lost somewhere off Okinawa in 1851. Coming to the mysterious islands of Japan in the service of the Perry expedition, young Barry Sturgess gradually gathers enough hints of his twin's whereabouts from Oriental friends and some aery sibling thought-transmission to rescue his brother Barney. As a member of the Perry force. Barry witnesses the cautious excursions into the alien civilization, the historic presentation of a letter from the President of the United States to representatives of the emperor, and the confusing and often humorous clashes between East and West. The Perry expedition is unusually interesting in the light of the events of the last ten years, but this book is less an objective study of Japan at the time than a Gilbert and Sullivan concept in which the Japanese are known mainly for their conscientious use of bird cages into which they stuff their prisoners. Superficial but colorful.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1950
Publisher: Wilcox and Follett